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Quality control

The highest quality standard in CNC tool grinding

We view quality as a binding promise to our customers. Brinkmann Schleiftechnik guarantees you the highest quality standard in CNC tool grinding.

Measurement reports document the quality of CNC grinding operations

When machining your tools, we use high-performance CNC grinding machines and operate efficiently according to modern processes. Upon request from our customers, we are happy to create a sound measurement report for the purpose of verifying the quality of your tools with documentation.

We are experts in CNC tool grinding at the highest level of quality

Brinkmann Schleiftechnik represents state-of-the-art CNC tool grinding and combines high-tech technology with many years of experience and specialist personnel with first-rate qualifications.

Superior CNC grinding quality – Your benefits at a glance:

  • Regular quality control for all tools
  • Sound measurement reports when necessary
  • Use of contact-free, high-tech measurement machines
  • State-of-the-art processes and methods
  • Personnel with first-rate qualifications
Regrinding of HSC-Tools in perfection
Perfect recoating for better tool-performance
Original-Regrinding of MOLDINO-Tools
Special radius-geometries for HSC-Applications
Regrinding of torus-geometries
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