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Circular saw blades

Precise regrinding and restoration of circular saw blades

Brinkmann Schleiftechnik has an ultra-modern manufacturing line for regrinding circular saw blades. CNC-controlled grinding machines with CBN deep grinding and high-pressure cooling for the fully automated grinding, re-toothing and chamfering guarantee the best possible grinding quality for your circular saw blades.

All processes in the workflow for regrinding and restoring your circular saw blades are controlled with EDP support. For our customers from the high-tech area, this guarantees process reliability on fully automated saw systems.

Whether re-toothing, segment repairs or custom production - Brinkmann Schleiftechnik delivers your HSS segment or carbide saws with the best grinding quality to meet the highest standards.

We would be happy to provide you with more information!

CNC-supported grinding service for circular saw blades:

  • Precise CNC grinding of HSS segment and carbide saw blades (max. diameter 1400 mm)
  • Precise grinding of chip part grooves
  • Re-toothing of any desired rows of teeth and geometries
  • Grinding, re-toothing and chamfering of HSS saw blades using the CBN deep grinding method with efficient high-pressure cooling
  • CAD design of different tooth forms and tooth distribution combinations (Vario toothing)
  • Professional grinding for hot circular saw blades
  • Custom-fit segment repairs
  • Custom production of carbide-equipped circular saw blades for wood, non-ferrous and steel processing
  • Continuous checking of tooth geometry
Regrinding of HSC-Tools in perfection
Perfect recoating for better tool-performance
Original-Regrinding of MOLDINO-Tools
Special radius-geometries for HSC-Applications
Regrinding of torus-geometries
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