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Careful use of resources

Sustainable strategies for a better future

As a company aware of its responsibilities, carefully using resources is part of our corporate philosophy. We provide our customers with CNC tool grinding services using high-tech grinding machines, utilising methods and materials that help protect the environment in the process. With Tool ID, we are providing a sustainable, digital lifecycle management system for your tools.


A focus on the environment in every area of the company

Brinkmann Schleiftechnik utilises paperless processes whenever possible in our administrative and commercial work. We use an oil-based CNC tool grinding service and environmentally friendly filtration systems in our grinding operation.

Sustainable digital tool lifecycle management system

Tool ID enables the ideal and transparent management of the lifecycle of high-performance tools. This significantly increases the longevity of the drilling tools and thus contributes to greater sustainability.


Our photovoltaic systems sends you sunny greetings

We have been operating a large photovoltaic system to generate solar power on our company roof for many years. In addition to economic reasons, the environmentally friendly aspect also played a role in the investment.


Brinkmann Schleiftechnik protects the environment through:

  • Oil-based CNC tool grinding
  • Environmentally friendly filtration systems
  • Large photovoltaic system for generating solar power
  • A high number of electronic processes
  • Tool ID – a sustainable digital tool lifecycle management system


We are all responsible for our environment and climate protection.

We are taking on the challenge!


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