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Custom tools

From the CAD drawing to the individual custom tool

Custom HSS and carbide tools made by Brinkmann Schleiftechnik

Brinkmann Schleiftechnik is your expert tool grinder for special tools built to customer specifications. With our specialist knowledge, we can design, develop and manufacture step tools made of HSS and carbide based on your drawings. We can also rework your tools. We achieve optimum results through the use of the latest gauging technology, CNC-based grinding processes and 3D simulations. On request, we can also supply detailed measurement reports.


From the CAD drawing to the individual custom tool

Our experts work with you to identify the field of application and key requirements for your custom tool. The technical data thus compiled then goes into the computer-aided design process for your new tool. Based on the CAD drawing finally agreed with you, we manufacture your custom tool and ship it to you through our fast logistics system.

State-of-the-art gauging technology and CNC grinding processes with 3D simulations for the custom design of:


  • Step tools made of HSS and carbide
  • Individual custom tools or adaptations in line with your drawings
  • Manufacturing of special-length tools
  • Professional tool design

We guarantee absolute precision!

Waldemar Sawal

Deputy Operations Manager
Phone +49 (0) 52 54 92 00 41


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