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CNC tool grinding

Professional from the very beginning

Production companies look for flexible service providers that offer professional service for high-performance tools. For decades, Brinkmann Schleiftechnik has been an expert in CNC tool grinding and an authorized MOLDINO partner for regrinding MOLDINO high-performance tools. We combine the skilled trades with innovative technology, qualified employees and optimized processes.

Effective CNC software updates for human and machine

We use the latest CNC software and continually train our employees in CNC programming.
Their expertise and state-of-the-art grinding technology ensure an optimal grinding result.
We guarantee maximum precision thanks to extremely sensitive measuring technology.

High quality for your tools

Continuous quality checks, fully automated CNC grinding processes with maximum precision coupled with the latest coating methods combine to give you the high quality standard of Brinkmann Schleiftechnik.We grind your tools to match the original and return them to you right when you need them.Take advantage of our easy-to-use transport box system. It makes handling simple and convenient for you.

We look forward to receiving your request!

Your expert in CNC tool grinding:

  • Precise regrinding and recoating for high-performance tools
  • Grinds that match the original for:

    • MOLDINO tools
    • Professional tools from various manufacturers

  • Comprehensive service from a single source: from design engineering to CNC tool grinding and recoating; from measurement reports all the way to laser inscription
  • including on-time delivery service
  • Qualified and experienced personnel
  • High-tech machine facilities with fully automated grinding processes, integrated tool loading systems and grinding disc changers
  • Efficient processes and a high quality standard
  • Safe and convenient handling thanks to special transport boxes
    Quick and flexible processing
Regrinding of HSC-Tools in perfection
Perfect recoating for better tool-performance
Original-Regrinding of MOLDINO-Tools
Special radius-geometries for HSC-Applications
Regrinding of torus-geometries
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