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Tool coating

Innovative protective coatings for enhanced performance

With tool coatings from Oerlikon Balzers

Would you like to significantly increase the tool lives of your carbide tools? Everything works perfectly with the right tool geometry and the choice of the optimum wear-protection coating!


High-tech coatings from Oerlikon Balzers

Along with our partner, Oerlikon Balzers, we ensure the ideal coating so that you can use your tools with process reliability and when they are needed. Your tools in conjunction with a seamless logistics system. Try us out!

Holistic service for your high-performance tools

Take advantage of our holistic CNC tool grinding services. We grind and coat your tools and make sure you can get them back into operation quickly and with the highest standard of performance.

The advantages of our coating service

  • Extended tool service lives thanks to improved cutting-edge stability
  • Expert recoating service optimises your tools
  • Significantly reduced tooling costs and lower wear & tear
  • Comprehensive advice on the ideal coating
  • Supports material characteristics for outstanding performance
  • Guarantees better temperature resilience and higher loading capabilities of your tools
  • The latest coatings are always available

Sustainable offering with tool lifecycle management

Precise regrinding of solid carbide high-performance drills

Optimum recoating for high performance

Tool-ID: Digital tool passport with laser labelling

Special radius geometries for HSC and hard machining

Regrinding of torus geometries

True-to-original ground joints for MOLDINO tools

We will be happy to advise you on state-of-the-art coating technologies.


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Authorised Officer
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